Electric brake system

Electric brake system for bumper pull trailers.

With our electric brake system the brakes of a semi-trailer or bumper pull trailer are activated in the right brake performance under every circumstance regulated by the advanced brake controller, which can be done with electric or hydraulic brakes.

Components of electric brake system.

The electric brake system has the following components:
electric brake system for bumper pull trailers, Gooseneck trailers, fifth wheel, full trailer

  1. The control box with the built in brake controller.
  2. Power cable with 7 pin EBS plug for connection between towing vehicle and trailer.
  3. Controlled for towing vehicle- this will light up by activated brake controller.
  4. Brake away switch. Trailer must have a battery to activate the brakes in case of separation of towing vehicle.
  5. Buzzer. To get an sound signal in the towing vehicle by low battery.

In case of middle axle trailers and full trailers the blocked surge brake coupling is used, but the brake away and parking device is used to overcome a battery on the trailer, and therefore parts 4 and 5 is not applicable.

  1. Load sensor. To measure the load on the trailer we offer 3 different options:.
    • Potentiometer (K- JMR-100-10) with cable and mounting parts.
    • Angle sensor ( K-JMR-100-50) with cable and mounting bracket.
    • Air pressure sensor (K-JMR-100-30) with cable.

Load sensors Click on the photos to enlarge.