Pressemitteilung November 2016.

JMR Boopark realized in coöperation with Blackburn Trailers Ltd
two promotion trailer for Tesla Europe.

Tesla beurs wagen elektrische auto's

The chassis and bodywork made by Blackburn Trailers, a well known company in the Uk for promotion and exhibition trailers. JMR Boopark supplied their sophisticated electronic brake system with EEC approval for this 3 axle full trailer and the Dexter axles with electric brakes.

See Blackburn trailer and JMR Boopark for other applications of their system.

Press release November 2014.

Furst ECE R13 approval for Full trailer with electric brakes

First full trailer with electric brake system and with electric brakes, which, according to the latest regulations, the ECE R13, is approved.

JMR Boopark designed in co-operation with Vlemmix aanhangwagens a brake system for full trailers up to 3500 kg.

Based on the Dexter axles with electric brakes which Boopark imports for years from the USA and the advanced braking system. JMR has for goose neck trailers and middle axle trailers, is there with an adapted system for full trailers. Using two brake controllers and a load adjusting sensor on all axles. We made an E4 13R approved system available for 3500 kg.

JMR Boopark in the TV program “Doemaar Duurzaam” of RTL-Z

Saturday 8 May at 17:30 we will be on television with our company JMR Boopark BV in the program “Doemaar Duurzaam” of RTL-Z. This report provides a good picture of the development of the electric braking system, in which sustainable innovation is paramount.
Missed broadcast watch the video below.