Hydraulic brakes

Electric brake system for full trailer with hydraulic brakes.

schamelaanhanger met hydraulische remmen

Electric brake system for full trailer consists of:

    Hydraulic brakes parts

  1. Control box with brake controller.
  2. Hydraulic pump.
  3. Hydraulic brakes.
  4. Power cable angle sensor.
  5. Angle sensor with bracket. One per axle for load indication per axle.
  6. 7 Wire power cable with 7 pin plugs.
  7. 2 Control leds in the towing vehicle. red led indicates an error and a green led indicates oil pressure by active brakes.

Advantages electric brake system:

  • Lower purchase price compared to air braked axle.
  • No over run shocks
  • Load-dependent braking force
  • Downhill no heated brakes
  • Simple conversion of towing vehicle with 7 pole ebs plug.
  • No brake battery required on trailer.

Available for Full trailers up to 3500 kg with electric brake system and hydraulic brakes.

Available configuration:

    De voor een schamelwagen gebruikte assen met elektrische rem de Torflex 10 van Dexter Axle

  1. 3 Axle with unladen weight 1000 kg and full weight 3500 kg with load sensing.

    • Axles: 2 x 2025 kg Dexter axles with rubber torsion- Torflex 11
    • Maximum weight:
      Axle1: max 1750kg.
      Axle2: max 1750kg.
    • Hydraulic brakes: Dexter 12 x 2 inch.
    • Wheels : 15 inch.